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Daily Delicious Cookies & Macarons

Everything made is specially made just for you. That is why we make customized thematic cookies. Plus, our macarons will bring a unique touch to any event.

Custom Cakes & Pastries

Each layer of our cakes are specially made for any occasion. There is a variety of decor & toppings.


For any occasion, our delicious decorated cupcakes will bring a smile to any moment.


For any celebration, our delectable cakes make the moment even sweeter. With a variety of themes, we’ll get the cake you need to make any event even more enjoyable

Wedding Cakes

In such an important celebration the cake is as important. Our cakes are so delicious and wonderfully decorated, even the newly weds will make time to make sure they get their own slice


Our beautiful mouthwatering cupcakes are perfect for any event, any time, anywhere. Wonderfully assembled and decorated, it’s like having a personalized cake.


It’s always a great occasion to enjoy cookies. For any time, any theme, they’re delicious & ready to savor


Our delicious macarons add elegance to any ocassion. Get them initialized too

Artistic Cookies

No matter the event or occasion, our artistic cookies go from holidays birthdays, graduations & more

Dessert Table

We offer a variety of Dessert Table themes that will make your event feel festive and inviting 

"You did amazing, it not only looked stunning but tasted spectacular!"

"Best cake ever and made my 8yr old very happy"

"Such intricate detail! J'adore!"


Special occasion Store

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Order your delicious specially made cookies, 

 for your gatherings, parties, or to enjoy them without sharing.

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